OrthoCush™ Product Details

The OrthoCush™ seat cushion helps reduce the pressure on your lower back and tailbone while sitting for extended periods, especially on hard chairs.

Due to its wedge shape with tailbone cutout, the OrthoCush™ seat cushion will give you comfort and support, and help align your spine in the proper position. The tailbone cutout provides relief for the coccyx area while the sloping angle positions your body correctly on a chair. 

The OrthoCush™ seat cushion is great for use on office chairs, at home, in your car or while traveling. It’s also ideal to take to special events to cushion yourself on hard stadium seats. It comes with a machine washable cover and built in carry handle.

Orthocush cushion with dimensions

Orthocush support cushion

The OrthoCush™ orthopedic seat cushions are offered in 4 product formats including Standard, Firm Standard, Car/Computer, Firm Car/Computer. Each of the models is available in either Navy Blue, Graphite or Black.

The OrthoCush™ is manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards. Only high quality medical grade polyurethane foam and washable microfibre fabric materials that are highly resistant to wear and tear are used.

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Great for on the go use thanks to the easy to grab built-in handle.

Orthocush support cushion

Seat cushion cover is easily removable and machine washable.

Orthocush support cushion

The angled slope helps align your spine correctly and promotes a proper posture when seated.

Orthocush support cushion

Compact size is perfect for most chairs.

Orthocush support cushion

Elevated seating position and comfort.


Lower back support and comfort.

Doctor recommended Orthocush support cushion

1. Decreases Pressure on Back, Hips, and Coccyx

Designed for individuals at any weight level, a key advantage of using an OrthoCush™ for back pain and other discomfort in the lower extremities is its unique design and construction to reduce the stress and strain that’s placed on the back, hips and coccyx, when in a seated position for short or long periods.

Doctor recommended Orthocush support cushion

2. Helps Correct Posture

In general, most people today underestimate the importance of proper posture when in a seated position. Taking care of your posture when seated can serve to reduce and relieve back pain, but equally important, it is benefiacial for other aspects of your general health.

It is estimated that there are more lost workdays due to LBP (Lower Back Pain) than the common cold. Using an OrthoCush™ will encourage proper posture while enhancing your quality of life.

Doctor recommended Orthocush support cushion

3. Improves Circulation and Energy Levels

Sitting for long periods of time can strain your circulatory system. Long-term sitting puts a strain on the blood flow that’s moving into your pelvis. Sitting also makes it difficult for blood to flow into your legs, as well as your back.

Using an OrthoCush™ can help increase blood flow, and as a result of maintaining a strong level of blood circulation throughout the body, persons using an OrthoCush™ will also experience an increased level of energy throughout the day.

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