OrthoCush Standard

*Price  89.96

Premium Orthopedic Cushions.
Dimensions – 3 x 14 x 18 inches / 7.6 x 35.5 x 45.7 cm

Features –

  • Wedge cushions are recommended by physicians, chiropractors, pain management clinics, PT/OT professionals.
  • Portable/lightweight, goes anywhere you sit and has carry handle.
  • Removable/washable fabric cover.
  • Medical quality, high resiliency.
  • WARRANTY: All OrthoCush ™ products carry a one (1) year limited warranty against defective workmanship and materials.

Benefits –

1. Relieves and prevents back pain caused by sitting.
2. Relieves the discomfort and/or pain (when seated) caused by Hemorrhoids, Piles. Pilonidal disease and Pilonidal Cysts.
3. Wedge shape tips pelvis forward to restore spine’s natural lumbar curve.
4. Cutout section allows coccyx (tailbone) to “float” without direct pressure; allows persons with tailbone injuries to sit comfortably.
5. Provides affordable ergonomic seating Frequent use reduces risk of back pain caused by sitting for long periods; promotes health and safety on the job and increases work efficiency and effectiveness.

*All product prices are listed in Canadian dollars. If you pay with foreign currency, you will be charged at CHECKOUT the foreign currency equivalent to Canadian dollars at the time of purchase.

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*The maximum order on a single sales voucher includes a total of 24 (twenty-four) OrthoCush™ seat cushions comprised of 6 OrthoCush Standard, 6 Car/Computer, 6 OrthoCush Firm Standard, and 6 Car/Computer Firm. Retail customers wishing to purchase in excess of 6 (six) units of any model, will be prompted to initiate a new order.

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Size: 3 x 14 x 18 Inches
7.6 x 35.5 x 45.7 CM

Premium Orthopedic Cushions

OrthoCush Standard

Additional information

Dimensions 35.5 × 45.7 × 7.6 cm

Black, Graphite, Navy

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