OrthoCush™ Gifts (old)

Enhancing the quality of someone’s life with an OrthoCush™ seat cushion makes a great gift year round.

Purchase an OrthoCush™ for a family member, friend, or simply for someone you know that requires an OrthoCush™. We will deliver your gift with *your own personal message, if requested, directly to the recipient Free of Charge. Our standard TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply.

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The OrthoCush™ seat cushion has been scientifically designed to reduce the pressure on your lower back and tailbone while sitting for extended periods.

Due to its wedge shape with tailbone cutout, the OrthoCush™ seat cushion will give you comfort and support, and help align your spine in the proper position. The tailbone cut-out provides pain relief for the coccyx area (and for those disabilities situated in that area sensitive to seating), while the sloping angle positions your body correctly in a seated position.

The OrthoCush™ seat cushion is great for use on office chairs, at home, in your car or while traveling. It’s also ideal to take to special events to cushion yourself on hard stadium seats. It comes with a machine washable cover and built in carry handle.

The OrthoCush™ orthopedic seat cushions are offered in 4 product formats including StandardFirm StandardCar/ComputerFirm Car/Computer. Each of the models is available in either Navy Blue, Graphite or Black.

The OrthoCush™ is manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards. Only high quality medical grade polyurethane foam and washable microfibre fabric materials that are highly resistant to wear and tear are used.

• Relieves and prevents back pain caused by sitting.
• Relieves the discomfort and/or pain (when seated) caused by Hemorrhoids, Emerods, Piles,Pthe lonidal Disease, and Pilonidal Cysts.
• Wedge shape tips pelvis forward to restore spine’s natural lumbar curve.
• Cutout section allows coccyx (tailbone) to “float” withPrice out direct pressure,
allowing persons with tailbone injuries to sit comfortably.
• Provides affordable ergonomic seating. Frequent use reduces risk of back pain caused by sitting for long periods; promotes health and safety on the job and increases work efficiency and effectiveness.

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OrthoCush™ Gifts (old)

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Dimensions 35.5 × 45.7 × 7.6 cm

OrthoCush™ Standard, OrthoCush™ FIRM, Car and Computer Standard, Car and computer FIRM


Black, Graphite, Navy

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