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SHOP NOW AND SAVE with FREE SHIPPING for customers in Canada and the US.

*All product prices are listed in Canadian dollars. If you pay with foreign currency, you will be charged at CHECKOUT the foreign currency equivalent to Canadian dollars at the time of purchase.

* All sales are final. However, should your OrthoCush™ prove defective in workmanship or materials within one (1) year from the date of purchase, return it to the Company with proof of purchase sales receipt. The cushion will be repaired or replaced without charge. Our limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear, accidents, abuse, or lack of reasonable care. ( *See our Terms and Conditions)

*The maximum order on a single sales voucher includes a total of 24 (twenty-four) OrthoCush™ seat cushions comprised of 6 OrthoCush Standard, 6 Car/Computer, 6 OrthoCush Firm Standard, and 6 Car/Computer Firm. Retail customers wishing to purchase in excess of 6 (six) units of any model, will be prompted to initiate a new order.

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