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OrthoCush ™ STANDARD

OrthoCush ™ STANDARD

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The OrthoCush ™ orthopedic seat cushion is manufactured in Central Europe with carefully selected, premium materials. The OrthoCush ™ is produced using a special high performance flexible polyurethane foam and an italvelluti collection of SABBIA microfiber materials with a very high resiliency to wear and tear.

Its removable cover is machine washable and extremely easy to maintain. The soft-touch outer material has been carefully chosen by the manufacturer, The OrthoCush ™ seat cushion is wedge shaped with a cut-out section designed to support your back while sitting for short or long periods. Its carrying handle makes it conveniently portable for work, entertainment or travel venues. The OrthoCush ™ orthopedic seat cushion works every day in every way. The OrthoCush ™ seat cushions are available in 2 product formats: The OrthoCush ™ seat cushion for standard size chair use (STANDARD); The OrthoCush™ seat cushion for car/computer use (CAR/COMPUTER). As well, The OrthoCush ™ Standard and Car/Computer models come in 3 different colours: Navy Blue, Graphite, Black

Width46 cm
Height35 cm
Depth8 cm
Weight0.41 kg
MaterialSABBIA microfiber
ColourBlack, Graphite, Navy blue


Suitable Size and Special Shape

For individuals of all weights, Wedge shape tips pelvis forward to restore spine’s natural lumbar curve, Cut-out section allows tailbone to “float” without direct pressure, Portable, lightweight, goes anywhere you sit and has carry handle,

High Quality Performance

Made in Central Europe to the highest standards of workmanship and quality materials, Built to last: resilient to wear and tear, Removable, fabric cover,

Recommended by:

Physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, pain management clinics.


Provides Comfort

The OrthoCush ™ seat cushion design gives All Day Support, Affordable ergonomic seating allows persons with tailbone injuries to sit comfortably

Relieves and Prevents

Back Pain caused by sitting, The discomfort or pain caused by Hemorrhoids, Emerods, Piles. Pilonidal disease and Pilonidal Cysts. Pressure on your tailbone


Health and safety on the job; Work efficiency and effectiveness;

The OrthoCush ™

All The OrthoCush ™ products carry a one year limited warranty against defective workmanship and material LIMITED WARRANTY

Should this OrthoCush ™ Seat Cushion prove defective in workmanship or materials within one year from the date of original purchase, return it to the Company with a proof of purchase sales receipt. The cushion will be repaired or replaced.


This warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear, accidents, misuse, abuse or lack of reasonable care.