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Orthopedic seat cushions

OrthoCush ™ is a high performance orthopedic cushion, designed for people with chronic back pain.


The OrthoCush ™ is a high performance orthopedic seat cushion, designed primarily for persons suffering with chronic back pain. It is also used to offer relief when seated for persons suffering from other discomfort in the lower body caused by for example, Hemorrhoids, Piles and Pilonidal disease.

In addition, The OrthoCush ™ seat cushion is used by individuals sitting in a static position for long periods while driving a car or working on a computer. This not only helps to alleviate back pain, but also reduces stress through the back, thighs and legs.


The OrthoCush ™ products are manufactured in Central Europe with a careful selection of long lasting materials. Its shape is perfectly aligned to maximize comfort. Wedge shaped with a special tailbone cut-out. the ‘OrthoCush ™’ is designed to alleviate pressure when seated in your lower back and buttocks.  Recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals, the wedge shaped seat cushion is clinically proven to help reduce seating discomfort by fixing seating posture, resting back muscles and relieving back pain.

Enhance your quality of life by using an OrthoCush ™ orthopedic seat cushion and say goodbye to BAD BACK BLUES.


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What The OrthoCush ™ seat cushion offers

Enhancing the quality of life

An OrthoCush ™ orthopedic seat cushion is ideal for persons suffering from chronic back pain. It is intended not only to relieve pain but also to help you find your comfort zone when in a seated position. Its unique design makes it the perfect all-around seat cushion regardless of how long you need to be in a seated position or whether it is used indoors or outdoors.


How it works?

Instant comfort and relief

An OrthoCush ™ is an ergonomic, wedge shaped seat cushion with a special cut-out designed to suspend the tailbone in the air and tip the pelvis forward. In this way, The OrthoCush ™ not only provides support for you back, but equally important it reduces stress on the coccyx and spinal discs and helps restore the spine's natural lumbar curve.


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