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New OrthoCush ™ Wedge Cushion helps to reduce and relieve chronic back pain


Ottawa, On. October 17, 2018: VMS Rehab Systems, Inc, a Canadian company with 20 years experience in supplying health aids for people suffering from the after effects of hip and kneed surgery and/or chronic back pain, is pleased to introduce its branded OrthoCush™ line of ‘quality of life’ health products geared to reducing and relieving chronic pain and discomfort in the back area and lower extremities.

The new OrthoCush™ orthopedic seat cushions are currently being offered in 2 formats : OrthoCush™ Standard (width 46cm, height 35cm, depth 8cm, weight 0,41kg) and OrthoCush™ Car/Computer (width 40cm, height 33,5cm, depth 8cm, weight 0,31kg). An X-Firm OrthoCush™ in both standard and Car/Computers formats for persons wanting to sit on an extra firm cushion will be available within 30 days. Complete product information can be found on the VMS E-shop at The OrthoCush™ seat cushions are currently being sold direct to consumers throughout the European Union. It is anticipated that North American consumers will be able to purchase directly off the E-shop platform on or about March 1, 2019.

OrthoCush™ is manufactured in Europe under the careful supervision of VMS’ Poland based subsidiary, VMS Rehab Polska Sp z o.o. headquartered in Warsaw. Particular attention has been paid to constructing the OrthoCush™ orthopedic seat cushion with high performance medical grade polyurethane foam and durable soft Italian fabrics.

Aside from serving as a therapeutic aid for persons suffering from acute back pain, OrthoCush™ seat cushions are recommended for relieving (when seated) the discomfort and/or pain caused by Hemorrhoids, Piles, Pilonidal disease and Pilonidal cysts.

Established in 1998, as a manufacturer and distributor of Home Healthcare products, VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The shares of VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. are listed on the US OTC Pink Current Market (Symbol: VRSYF).


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